Disclaimer of CovidPassapplication

The application „CovidPass“ („Application“) was created by the company CovidPass s.r.o., registered seat at Boženy Němcové 1881/5, Nové Město, 120 00 Prague 2, ID No: 09283561, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, File No.: 333824 (the „Company“ or „We“)

We made maximum efforts when creating and developing the Application attempting to provide its users (individuals) with a tool to help them simplify the procedures related to reviewing, monitoring and managing administrative, travel and other restrictions and other obligations imposed by legislation or other regulations connected with occurrence of epidemic disease ("Measures"). We made also every effort to protect data processed and transmitted through the Application and the reliability of such transmission.  

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user acknowledges and agrees that we provide the Application free of charge and without guarantee of its operability or availability, and that despite our best efforts, the faultless function of the Application or the timeliness of its data cannot be guaranteed.

Given the fact that the scope and nature of the Measure may and will inevitably change over the time, we cannot guarantee the usability of the Application to manage all aspects and impacts of the Measures, the usability of the Application in all situations related to the existence of the Measures or the timeliness of data contained in the Application. We plan to strive to update the Application and its data in a way that ensures the greatest up-to-dateness and widest usability of the Application, however, we recommend that the user always make sure in advance that Application is fit for the purpose for which the user intends to use it under given circumstances and we do not guarantee the immediate correction of any errors or incorrect data based on user requirements.

The user acknowledges that the Application and the data contained in it do not usually replace any documents or certificates issued by specialized workplaces or public authorities, but contain, depending on the circumstances, only a record of their existence or content.

We are not liable for any indirect, consequential or incidental damages resulting from the use of the Application. Furthermore, to the extent permitted by the applicable legislation, we exclude our liability for direct or indirect damages caused in particular by (i) incorrect use of the Application, (ii) use of incorrect and incomplete information and data within the Application, (iii) data transfer failures to and from the Application due to outages or configuration of transmission means, (iv) by refusing to accept data from the Application by third parties, public authorities or other institutions (v) by computer viruses, or (vi) by installing the Application. We are also not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or form of data and information entered into the Application or supplied to the Application by third parties at the request or in the interest of the user (especially for the content and form of test results).

The above does not affect the obligations and information provided by us and concerning the processing of personal data of users of the Application.

By placing links to third-party websites ("Hyperlinks"), we do not appropriate the linked website or other linked resource and we are also not responsible for the accessibility of this website or resource or its contents. Hyperlinks to such sites or resources are made at the user's own risk.

We reserve the right at any time (and without incurring any obligation to users or other third parties) to terminate the development of the Application or withdraw the Application from the offer at any time and to terminate its availability or the availability of any service or feature provided through the Application.

Any legal claims or relationships arising from the use of the Application or its operation are subject to the interpretation of the laws of the Czech Republic, except in cases where the governing law is determined by other regulations without the possibility to be determined by choice.